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    Help get more women in tech on stage at industry events.

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Female Tech Speakers

Femaletechspeakers.com is exactly what it sounds like, a site where we list female speakers who are knowledgeable and active in the tech industry.

We want to do something about the all-too-common all male panels, conferences without female Keynote Speakers and the overall lack of female speakers at tech conferences and events.

A common excuse for the lack of women on stage is that it’s hard to find them. To solve this, we’re creating Femaletechspeakers.com. Our objective is to become the go-to site to search, find and reach out to talented, experienced and well-spoken female tech speakers.

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Help get more women in tech on stage at industry events – sign up now on www.femaletechspeakers.com and help spread the word about @femtechspeakers #tech #startup #vc


We already have hundreds of women on our list, but we need more! Tech Entrepreneur? Investor? UX Expert? Fintech Pro? Get on the list and help us spread the word to your network. Together we will make this shift happen to ensure that women in tech are heard and that young women in the industry have strong female role models.

Current speakers are from companies such as Google, Facebook, Vimeo and Dribble.

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